How to Design, Print and Make a Wedding Invitation Card

Designing, Printing and Making a wedding invitation card can often involve plenty of confounding dynamics and giving equal weight to all of them can sure be a bit of a challenge.

Design, appeal, emotional connection, colors, catchy texts, flow of information, mentioning of venue, names of people, religious considerations… the factors to consider are far too many and so, here we list down a few that can make the process of making a wedding invitation card quite easy for you:

1) Colors

Although color is not the most important thing in an invitation card, we can say we usually begin from there. What draws us to an invitation card is the color. Each person has a different color perception. So, the choices, in terms of colors, also vary from person to person.

However, color psychology or general perception of color should be given its due. Yellow is a color that represents auspiciousness, joy, celebration and light-heartedness. Mostly, yellow is an ideal choice, though this varies based on the event.

Invitation Cards Display

Red can often come across as something that conveys stronger emotions. Blue can be cool yet brighter shades as yellow and orange feel warm enough. Some prefer a slightly greyish silver color or a golden color for traditional religious weddings.

You may also want to choose a color based on your religious beliefs, as Christians, Muslims, Hindus and all other religions of the world prefer a certain color to represent their faith and connect to their spiritual self and other people in their religion.

If you understand or realize the actual reasons as to why you are choosing a particular color, you will avoid all sorts of confusions in choosing a color that suits your mind, heart, event and the people you invite.

2) Faith

As said above, when it comes to community get togethers as a wedding, religion and faith play far more important roles than we actually realize. Since most weddings happen with a religious ceremony, you may want to represent your faith through an image, text or symbols.


Sometimes, while making a wedding invitation card, color is also chosen according to one’s religious faith. So, you have to decide whether you want to choose an invitation card according to your faith. On the other hand, if you are not so religious, or if you don’t need to be, you will naturally feel free to experiment with colors and designs.

3) Info-graphics of an Invitation Card (Message, Text and Images)

Beyond the color and look of your invitation card, you should throw equal weight behind the info-graphics, while making a wedding invitation card. The text, images, the message, the info, etc. should all be properly aligned and placed with the flow of information making perfect sense.

They should also collectively spread the joy, happiness, information, details of venue, important names of guests, etc. If you don’t want to bother too much with the text, you can use generic texts available with invitation card designers and printers. If you want to be creative, then the sky is your limit!

4) What your guests love!

While an invitation card is all about you, you should also think about the background of the people you hand over the card to. While customizing your invitation card to your tastes, it is also equally important to be aware of the tastes of your guests, as a host.


Though it is not as important to make it a priority, you can also try to impress your friends and family members by the choice of your wedding invitation card. Understand their choices, customize the invitation card to your tastes and by doing both, let them appreciate your eye for a great design!

5) Collaborate with your spouse-to-be and family

You will be doing yourself a lot of favor, if you don’t put yourself ahead of everyone else. Since a marriage is about two people and not one, make sure that both of you like the card along with both of your immediate families.

Although not everyone needs to have a say on your choices, something that everyone in your family and friends’ circles instantly likes at sight can help multiply the joy of an event as auspicious as a wedding.

In summary, the purpose of making an invitation card for a wedding or any other event is to bring your loved ones together to share the joy of togetherness. So, ensure that you pick a card design that you, your spouse-to-be, your family, your spouse’s family will all love, though choosing a design or card is surely, truly and solely your own decision!

On the most lovable and memorable day of your life, bring people together and spread the joy of togetherness through well thought-out, well designed and well made invitation cards!


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