Who We Are

DIVINE CAARD, with decades long experience, designs and prints invitation cards that you will be proud to own and love to look, feel, share and cherish.

We have broken the myth that ‘quality comes at a cost’. The quality we offer is as good as the quality of any leading brandsin the country and surprisingly, at a cost much lesser than what the so-called leading brands offer. This is our unique selling proposition as well-in the domains of both designing and printing invitation cards.

We also understand the need to cater to multiple ethnic groups within India and so we have and create marriage invitation cards in all regional languages as well. We have Tamil wedding invitation cards, Telugu wedding cards, Malayalam, Kannada and North Indian wedding cards for all the regional languages in India. With our vast experience, we are also aware of the distinct cultural traits and practices of each sect of people.

Hindu, Muslim and Christian Wedding and
Other Event Invitation Cards

With our decades long experience, we understand the importance of religious faith in the Indian context of marriage and rituals. Hence, we cater to all the religions in India for occasions as Naming-ceremony, Baptism or Sunnah. From Divine Caard, you can get Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jainist and Jewish wedding invitation cards and cards of all other minority religions, castes, sects and for non-religious events too.

  • What’s more

    In addition to the low cost, high quality invitation cards – we offer complete card solutions under one roof - you could choose from the readily available designs or we customise the design and content to siut your tastes and have the cards designed and printed at a superior quality.

  • Divine card has more than 400 invitation card designs for Weddings, Anniversaries, Betrothals, Birthdays, Upanayam, Puberty, Inauguration, Brochures, Sadhabishekam, Grahapravesam, Sashtiapthapoorthi and Arangetram.

    Look no further! Live and relive your life’s best moments with invitation cards from Divine Caard!


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